1961 Interview with Christopher Dawson

From THE AMERICA PRESS.  Enjoy. 1961-cd-interview

1964 Interviews with Maritain, Gilson, and Dawson

Some very nice United Nations’s interviews with Jacques Maritain, Etienne Gilson, and Christopher Dawson. Enjoy.  (My apologies for my marginalia). un-interviews-jm-eg-cd-gkc  

The Counter Reformation (FULL LECTURE)

Ok, getting toward the end of the semester. For your pleasure (or pain), here is the third from last lecture, The Counter Reformation–a part of our drive-by Western Heritage tour! We’re back to a *good* pope, Paul III…. Read More

Understanding St. Peter’s Betrayal

Again, from Arnold Lunn, NOW I SEE (1945): St. Mark is supposed to have written at St. Peter’s dictation.  He tells the story of the denial without wasting a word.  The chapter ends with a verse as simple… Read More

Catholicism within Western Civilization

From Arnold Lunn’s autobiography, NOW I SEE (1945): Many forces have combined to produce the modern world.  Palestine, Rome, Greece, and Communist Russia have all helped to form that strange complex which, in our more sanguine moods, we… Read More

End of the Medieval World (Full Lecture)

Full Lecture    The End of Christendom, 1350-1492   The Plague, killing anywhere from 33-50% of Europe. In terms of population, Europe not recover until mid-seventeenth century.  Especially hit the good clergy, as they were first to rush… Read More

The Distinctiveness of Medieval Culture (Full Lecture)

What makes the Medieval unlike the classical or modern worlds.

Intro to the Medieval World (Full Lecture)

Still booking through western civilization–but on schedule, amazingly enough.  Here is the first lecture on the Medieval period.  Or, perhaps more accurately, why you should never call the Middle Ages, “dark.”  Here’s hoping you agree.  

Martyrdom and the Early Church (Full Lecture)

Some Favorite BXVI Quotes

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Christianity and the Crisis of Culture (San Francisco, California: Ignatius Press, 2005). “Accordingly, the refusal to refer to God in the Constitution is not the expression of a tolerance that wishes to protect the non-theistic… Read More

Ten Guidelines for Studying Catholic Theology

“By Grace Alone” Ten Truths of Roman Catholic Theological Study Theology is often the study of what we do not know. In theology, it is easier to disprove than to prove.  Therefore, we begin by studying what we… Read More

Western Heritage Lecture 4: Hebrews and Covenant

Lecture 4, if you’re keeping count.  This one, a focus on Genesis 17 and Exodus 3.  The relationship of Adam to Abraham to Moses.  Or, why God never changes but man’s understanding of Him does.   The previous… Read More