Senator Rand Paul: The Best

My favorite person in government.  Thank you, Senator Paul.  You are our Cicero.

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By day, I'm a father of seven and husband of one. By night, I'm an author, a biographer, and a prog rocker. Interests: Rush, progressive rock, cultural criticisms, the Rocky Mountains, individual liberty, history, hiking, and science fiction.
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2 Responses to Senator Rand Paul: The Best

  1. Hans Zeiger says:

    Dr. Birzer,

    This is a terrific speech by Rand Paul – many thanks for sharing this –


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  2. rickmontes says:

    I’m just sorry that the American people didn’t recognize this man as the true Patriot he is. If we had a President Paul we could rest easy at night knowing that our Constitution would have been restored and safeguarded. I am glad that the people of Kentucky realized what they have and returned him to the Senate.

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