Re-Thinking U.S. Foreign Policy

The U.S. military abroad, according to Politico Magazine:


A year ago, on Facebook, I posted this as a way of thinking about Veterans’ Day:

It’s perfectly possible to be in favor of “isolation” and not be a fool.
It’s perfectly possible to love the Marines but fear the U.S. government.

It’s perfectly possible to believe in a strong military and not support empire.
A republic can never be and will never be compatible with an Empire.
A republic is secure and inward looking, an empire is arrogant and always demanding more.

For what it’s worth, I not only completely agree with what I wrote, but I think the moment in history–as in now–is much different than it was a year go.  Some mood has taken hold of many in the English-speaking world, recognizing, I think, that smaller units are more humane–generally–than larger units.  Brexit is a case in point, and Donald Trump’s election, or thus far, seems the same.  Please note, I’m not trying to make a statement either pro or con Brexit and Trump, only that each represents something changing dramatically in the western mindset.

Now, even leftists in California are talking seperation from the Union.  Generally, in the American experience, it’s the non-leftists who want to exit this or that.  It’s a good sign–at least to me–that the desire for separation is transcending simply ideological politics.

As of November 11, 2016, I do believe we’re at an important turning point in our history.  As Americans, I believe we’ve given enough to the world, especially  to the world that can afford to defend itself.  It’s time to bring every one back home. No more bases abroad (except where absolutely necessary).  I don’t mean to suggest that others haven’t done their fair share, only that we’ve been so committed to our adventures (and misadventures) overseas, that I think we’ve destablized the world as much as we’ve stablized it.  The same is true for our republic.

For too long, the wealthy of this country have stolen from those of us who work–through taxes and stimuli packages–to pay for the war machine that marches flabbily across the world.

Enough.  We are a republic, and our form of government was never intended to become an empire.  Indeed, we were founded as the most anti-imperial of all peoples.  We must re-embrace that tradition.  The moment is now.


[The above map is taken from:]

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