Russell Kirk on George Gissing, 1950

rak gissing 1950 Source: Russell Kirk, “Who Knows George Gissing,” WESTERN HUMANITIES REVIEW 4 (Summer 1950): 213-222.

Russell Kirk, “The Moral Conservatism of Hawthorne,” 1952.

Source: Russell Kirk, “The Moral Conservatism of Hawthorne,” CONTEMPORARY REVIEW 182 (1952): 361-366. rak hawthorne 1952

Russell Kirk, “The Conservative Mind of Newman,” 1952

Source: Russell Kirk, “The Conservative Mind of Newman,” SEWANEE REVIEW 60 (1952): 659-676. With apologies–the binding was so tight on the volume, that I had a really hard time photocopying this.  Hence, the distorted left-handed pages.  Still, very… Read More

Russell Kirk, “Hung with Spanish Leather,” 1950

Source: Russell Kirk, “Hung With Spanish Leather,” PRARIE SCHOONER 24 (1950): 308-314. rak spanish leather 1950

Russell Kirk, “Beyond the Dreams of Avarice,” 1950

A definitive young Russell Kirk piece, “Beyond the Dreams of Avarice,” MEASURE 2 (December 1950): 17-33. Note, the article appears immediately after a T.S. Eliot article.  This is probably the cause of Kirk changing his mind on Eliot…. Read More

University Bookman (full), Winter 1967

And, lo and behold, a second issue scanned in one evening.  Winter 1967.  Vol. 7, No. 2. Includes an excellent article by George Scott-Moncrieff on education in the U.K. ub Winter 1967 full

University Bookman (Autumn 1966), COMPLETE

Full version of Russell Kirk’s journal, University Bookman (Autumn 1966), v. 7, no. 1.  Includes articles by George Carey and Gordon Tullock. university bookman autumn 1966

University Bookman, Winter 1984 (Full)

The Winter 1984 edition of Russell Kirk’s journal, The University Bookman.  This appears to be a double issue, complete with two poems, a discussion of the Socratic method of teaching, and several interesting book reviews.  Enjoy. ub Winter… Read More

University Bookman, Spring 1966 (full issue)

And, the latest scan of the University Bookman, founded and edited (until his death in 1994) by Russell Kirk. Highlights of this issue: the mixed blessing of the AAUP; the meaning of fiction, and the “Unweaned Colossus.” Enjoy…. Read More

University Bookman, Summer 1980 (full version)

Kirk’s powerful journal, THE UNIVERSITY BOOKMAN, is now expertly edited by Gerald Russello. This issue–Vol. 20, No. 4–is reprinted here with kind encouragement from Annette Y.C. Kirk. Historian John Lukacs wrote the lead article.  Other pieces deal with… Read More

University Bookman, Summer 1965 (Full Issue)

Edited by Russell Kirk, this issue of the University Bookman features articles by Thomas Molnar and Bill McCann.  The lead article, “Albert Camus,” by Molnar is especially good. Scanned and posted by permission of Annette Y. C. Kirk…. Read More

University Bookman, Autumn 1968 (Full Issue)

Volume 9, No 1, full issue of University Bookman.  Features pieces by Peter Stanlis and M.E. Bradford.  Edited by Russell Kirk and posted here by permission of Annette Y.C. Kirk. Enjoy.ub autumn 1968 v9 n1