T.E. Hulme,SPECULATIONS (Full Book)


It is no exaggeration to state that without this man, there would be no 20th century conservatism.

T.E. Hulme’s posthumous masterpiece, SPECULATIONS.  Hulme was the first conservative of the twentieth-century, influencing almost too many figures to count–but most importantly T.S. Eliot and Christopher Dawson.

First published in 1924, almost a decade after Hulme’s death in World War I.

hulme speculations


One Comment on “T.E. Hulme,SPECULATIONS (Full Book)

  1. Just read this book earlier this month 🙂 All thanks to you, Brad. I never would have heard of him if I hadn’t taken your class. I found his commentary on the early beginnings of modernist art fascinating, if not prophetic. Interesting, as well, how his discussion of art (as in paintings, etc.) is very similar to Imagism, the form of poetry he developed.

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