Hunter Baker for Congress


A truly great man.

Dear Readers of Stormfields,

First, as always, thank you!  I’m deeply honored (and more than a bit surprised) there are so many of you!

Second, as I hope you know, as much as I love talking about current events and political philosophy, I rarely if ever get involved in practical politics.  Not just because I’m not good at it (I’m not!), but because I might actually be a curse!  I’m 48, and I’ve yet to vote for a winning presidential candidate.  This year, I publically (well, maybe “openly” is a better description), endorsed Rand Paul and then Ted Cruz.  Within days of me speaking in their favor, they each dropped out of the race.

So, Dear Lord!, please do not let this curse fall upon this great man, Hunter Baker.  I’ve known Hunter for many years now, and I think the absolute world of him.  Let me briefly list his qualities:

  • he’s his own man
  • he’s hilarious
  • he’s brilliant
  • he’s tough
  • he knows exactly who he is

And, I’m only scratching the surface and stating what is absolutely obvious to any person who has had the blessing of meeting and knowing Hunter.

Honestly, I can’t imagine a better person to serve in the House.  I’ve begun as many crazy long prayers as I can on Hunter’s behalf.  I would ask that you lend your support to him in any way possible–whether through your own treasure, your talents, or your prayers.

He is truly a man who understands the American Founding and the truths of a republic.

Yours, Brad

[P.S.  This endorsement is completely spontaneous, and it is NOT–in any way, shape, or form–approved or instigated by the Hunter Baker for Congress campaign]

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