Scrivener for iOS!

Well, I realize it might be a bit silly to love a piece of software, but I do love this one.  Great news–not only an update to the MacOS version but only a week away from an iOS version.  I’ll be making my purchase immediately.  Scrivener is, to my mind, the single best piece of software for any writer.



Hello Scrivener Users,

Exciting times! Our iOS version is finally ready and will be released next week. Ahead of that, we have a 2.8 update to Scrivener for macOS ready, which you will need to download if you plan to buy and use our iOS version. Please read on for more details.

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1. Scrivener 2.8 for macOS Now Available

Scrivener 2.8 adds support for working with Scrivener for iOS (see below). Earlier versions of Scrivener will not recognise changes made in our iOS version, nor are they able to open projects created on iOS. Therefore, if you plan to buy and use Scrivener for iOS when it is released next week, please be sure to download and install Scrivener 2.8. Scrivener 2.8 is a free update for all registered users of Scrivener 2, and along with iOS support, it also includes a number of bug fixes and minor tweaks.

To download Scrivener 2.8, follow the instructions below – please note that the instructions differ depending on whether you bought Scrivener directly from us or from the Mac App Store. If you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at for further assistance.


To download Scrivener 2.8, either:

• Select “Check for Updates” from the “Scrivener” menu within Scrivener itself and follow the on-screen instructions;


• Go to and click on “Download for Mac” to download and re-install Scrivener. (Note that 2.8 requires OS X 10.6 or higher – 2.5 is the most recent supported version for older systems.)

If you have already seen the update notification and followed the on-screen instructions to update, you don’t need to do anything else.


• Open the App Store app on your Mac and click on the “Updates” button in the toolbar. Find Scrivener in the list and click on the “Update” button.

Also, if you want to leave Scrivener a review or rating on the Mac App Store, we’d be incredibly grateful. (Well, maybe not so grateful if you give it one star and say you hate it – I can only hope that anyone who really dislikes Scrivener hasn’t read this far!)


2. Scrivener for iOS – Here Next Week!

Scrivener for iOS is finished at long last and will be on sale in the iOS App Store from this coming Wednesday, July 20th. Here are the details:

• Price: $19.99
• Release date: 20th July
• Requirements: any device running iOS 9.0 or above (iPad, iPad Pro, iPhone, iPod Touch)
• Available in all the same territories as we sell our macOS version on the Mac App Store. (Note that 1.0’s UI is English-only, but we will be adding other languages in a free update.)
• Syncs with Scrivener for macOS and Scrivener for Windows using Dropbox (or you can copy projects between devices using iTunes)

We’ve been posting regularly on our blog covering various features you’ll find in Scrivener for iOS. You can find the posts here:

You can also find a couple of early reviews here:

Many thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm and support for Scrivener iOS over the years. I know it took a long time to get to this point, but I hope you like the end result. This time next week you’ll be able to carry your Scrivener projects around in your pocket.


3. Facebook and Twitter

We post tips and other Scrivener-related news on our Facebook and Twitter pages regularly:


4. And finally…

As always, if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us directly at for technical support, for sales or licence queries, or for anything else (or if you’re not sure which address to use). (There’s also a dedicated support email address for Scapple-specific questions:

If you no longer wish to receive newsletters from us, please use the “Keep Up to Date” item in the “Help” menu of Scrivener or visit to unsubscribe.

All the best,
(Scrivener developer)

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2 Comments on “Scrivener for iOS!

  1. My senior thesis would have been an utter disaster without Scrivener! What a great piece of software, with great people running the company.

    • Although I wish they would offer support for iCloud rather than Dropbox. Dropbox is too damn expensive, and you have no option but to buy the 1TB. iCloud at least gives you a few price ranges, plus they give you 5 gb for free rather than just 2.

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