Inmateria (2015): “The Flame on the Sea” and “The Problem of Evil” @inmateria_

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Argentine-Chilean vocalist Solange Sosa is here to remind you that you can buy your own copy of Inmateria‘s excellent 2015 album here or here, or else listen to it in its entirety via online…

Neal Morse T-Shirt On Sale: This Weekend Only

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Hello Inner Circle,    Greetings from Radiant Records! Don’t miss out on this weekend flash sale on the Inner Circle t-shirt! Now through Sunday, get the exclusive Inner Circle t-shirt for just $10.00 (regular price, $25.00)! With…

New World Man: Dave Kerzner

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New World Deluxe by Dave Kerzner By Alan Dawes. Rating 10/10 Kerzner’s debut solo album, NEW WORLD (deluxe). The standard version of New World was released last December, even though it was released so…

Throwing Copper: 20 Years Later

I suppose when Live first emerged on the rock scene, they were categorized as Christian grunge?  Of course, I’m not exactly sure if they were Christian or not. Pain lies on the riverside And Pain will never say goodbye… Read More

Solemnity of St. Joseph the Worker

Every year on March 19th, my mother’s side of the family, the Volga (Russian) Germans, recited their prayer/vow to God. O God, whose attribute it is to be always merciful and to spare, protect us through the intercession… Read More

T.E. Hulme and Catholicism, 1948

teh and catholic letters

Sewanee Review on Humanism, 1930

sewanee on humanism 1930