The Sparking of Memory: a review of the new album by The Tangent


The Tangent, A SPARK IN THE AETHER (Insideout Music, 2015).


Tracks: A Spark in the Aether; Codpieces and Capes; Clearing the Attic; Aftereugene; The Celluloid Road; A Spark in the Aether (Part 2)

The Tangent: Andy Tillison; Luke Machen; Theo Travis; Jonas Reingold; and Morgan Agren.

So let’s get the caveats out of the way first shall we?

I’m not a musician, I can’t play a note unless its accidental, and a time signature is some bloke’s name written on a watch face … but I do love music and have tried my best to keep in touch with my love throughout my life.

But I lost touch with many things when I moved away from England. Although I had one of those embarrassing ’Oh, how are you doing these days?’ conversations with a magazine stand after a fleeting visit back to the home country. That shuffled, toe-gazing mumbling was…

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