Universalism and the Early Christian Church (Full Lecture)

This morning’s western heritage lecture–an examination of Christianity as the first serious religion (and philosophy) to promote the dignity of the human person regardless of the accidents of one’s birth.  An astounding achievement, frankly. Here’s hoping you enjoy…. Read More

Western Heritage Lecture 5: No God Kings

In my fifth lecture for the Western Heritage core course, I moved the class from the ancient Hebrews to the ancient Greeks, considering how each people(s) despised the notion of a God-King. In particular, I considered the roles… Read More

C.S. Lewis Breaks Down During Sermon

Today, as many of you probably know, is the 75th anniversary of C.S. Lewis’s delivering his most famous sermon, “The Weight of Glory.”  Though the following is NOT about that sermon, it is quite revealing and quite moving…. Read More

Golgotha: The Meaning of the Journey

My children, when you were little, we used sometimes to go for walks in our pine woods.  In the open fields, you would run along by yourselves.  But you used instinctively to give me your hands as we… Read More

The Holy Ground of Charleston

Upon waking this morning, the first thing I read was the New York Times coverage of the horrific massacre of innocents in Charleston, South Carolina.  Clearly, the murders were committed as an act of racial hatred, and it… Read More