Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy

I can’t let Batman Day pass without some kind of celebration. Here’s my take on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy–the greatest cinematic achievement of the last 20 years. In crafting his Batman movies, Nolan pulled together his longtime… Read More

Denny O’Neil Interviews

Denny O’Neil has always been one of my favorite contemporary writers.  It was his Batman (along with Neal Adam’s) that I first encountered in the early 1970s with my first comic book in Hays, Kansas. Lately, this grand… Read More

The Elegy of Bruce Wayne–Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy

“I see a beautiful city and a brilliant people rising from this abyss.  I see the lives for which I lay down my life, peaceful, useful, prosperous and happy.  I see that I hold a sanctuary in their… Read More

John’s Lego Batman Contest Submission

My poor John Augustine.  We’ve worked really hard on a contest script sponsored by Lego, only to have his entry immediately rejected. The problem?  He’s supposed to be 13, but he’s only 8. Come on, Lego!  Be a… Read More

Frank Miller’s First Encounter with Batman

Frank Miller’s first encounter with Batman:     “If your only memory of Batman is that of Adam West and Burt Ward exchanging camped-out quips while clobbering slumming guest stars Vincent Price and Cesar Romero, I hope this… Read More

And, Don’t Forget Great Batman Art

So, several lectures posted. . . blog getting a little too heavy.  Therefore, time for a bit of Batman.  Here are some incredible pieces I found at Mondo (thanks to Adam Martin for letting me know about Mondo).

Updated Batman: Legacies of the DC Animated Universe

Some of you know that I’ve been a huge Batman fan since about 1971 (at the tender age of 3).  I was expecially taken with the Bruce Timm, Paul Dini (and many others) version, produced for television between… Read More

Calling All Literary Agents: A Book on Batman!

Book Proposal To: XXXX Date: 2016 Proposed Title: Batman: America’s Darkest Knight By Bradley J. Birzer, Hillsdale College   Projected Book Batman: America’s Darkest Knight will be an intelligent and lively but not academic book on the history… Read More

Happy Batman Day! Birzer’s Take

When it comes to admiring my heroes, I’m not shy.  I’ve loved Batman (the serious Batman, not the goofy 1960s one) since around 1970 or so, back when my maternal grandparents bought me a Batman coloring book.  Batman… Read More