Mythology and Western Civilization: 17 Lectures

art of the lotr

Tolkien, the artist at his best.

A glorious thanks to my great friend, Tom Woods, a man of intense and abiding virtue. I’ve just completed my second set of courses for his Liberty Classroom.

The course is on Mythology and the Western Tradition. The first 10 lectures go from the ancient to the medieval. The second set focus on J.R.R. Tolkien.
Here’s the list:
With this set of lectures, Birzer considers the libertarian and humane essence of western civilization and mythology. That is, he asks exactly how human freedom is related to the stories we tell ourselves. In doing so, he considers the role of free will, the nature of man, the nature of man in community, and the relationship of the free individual with the divine (whether gods or God). A mini course in the great ideas of western civilization—in its Ancient and Medieval history and cultures—Birzer happily glides through the thoughts of the first Greek philosophers, Socrates, Homer, Cicero, Virgil, Sts. John, Paul, and Augustine, and Dante.

Why Mythology Matters

Logos and Mythos
Heraclitus and Stoicism
Zeno and Stoicism
Virgil and George Washington
Virgil and Livy
Cicero and the Natural Law
Cicero and the Natural Law, Part II
Sanctifying the Pagan
The City of God and the Divine Comedy
Why Tolkien Despised Democracy
Tolkien and Imagination
Tolkien and World War I
Tolkien and Mythology I
Tolkien and Mythology II
Tolkien and Free Will
Tolkien and Heroism

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