Happy New Year: A Feast of Christopher Dawson Material

cd new decline and fall

Dawson, “New Decline and Fall,” COMMONWEAL 15 (1932), 370-372.

cd sign of bolshevism

Dawson, “The Significance of Bolshevism,” ENGLISH REVIEW (September 1932): 239-250.

cd review of mein kampf

Dawson, review of MEIN KAMPF, THE TABLET (March 25, 1939), 373-374.

cd new community

Dawson, “The New Community,” THE TABLET (1939).  Multiple piece article.

cd papacy and new order 1942

Dawson, “The Papacy and the New Order,” 421 (April 1942): 109-115.

cd parties politics peace 1945

Dawson, “Parties, Politics, and Peace,” THE CATHOLIC MIND (June 1945): 370-372.

cd on niebuhr

Dawson, review of Niebuhr, THE DUBLIN REVIEW 224 (1952): 64-68.

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