Henry Resnick Interviews Tolkien, 1966

Excerpts from: Henry Resnick, “An Interview with Tolkien [March 2, 1966],” Niekas No. 18 (Late Spring 1967). “Well, I think it’s been building up [popularity of Tolkien’s books], you know; I think it’s an error to say that it… Read More

Clyde Kilby Reports on Tolkien, December 1966

An edited transcript of remarks at the December 1966 TSA meeting by Clyde S Kilby, Niekas, volume 19, 1968. I might say first that there is a very small manuscript called “Mr. Bliss” that I think may now… Read More

Tolkien on Tolkien, 1966

From: J.R.R. Tolkien, “Tolkien on Tolkien,” Diplomat (October 1966): 39. This business began so far back that it might be said to have begun at birth. Somewhere about six years old I tried to write some verses on… Read More