Solzhenitsyn, 9 Years after His Death

Shut your eyes, reader.  Do you hear the thundering of wheels?  Those are the Stolypin cars rolling on and on.  Those are the red cows rolling.  Every minute of the day.  And every day of the year.  And… Read More

Solzhenitsyn’s 10 Ways Ideological Regimes Destroy You

In some ideological regimes of the twentieth century, the killing was systematic.  In others, it was merely random.  Even a random thought, however, could lead to one’s death or the death of a loved one. In Cambodia, to… Read More

The Immorality of CONTAINMENT (Full Lecture)

Why “containment” was morally bankrupt and the three great men who helped end it and the Soviet threat to the world.

Nicholas Berdyaev, “Christianity and Anti-Semitism,” 1948

Alexandr Solzhenitsyn regarded Berdyaev as possibly the greatest anti-communist thinker to come out of Revolutionary Russia. Here, translated, is a piece he wrote on anti-Semitism.  Fascinating. berdayeav 1949 christianity and anti semitism