Allen Tate

tate man of letters 1952

tate liberty and property

tate 1934 on spengler

tate fallacy of humanism

tate traditional society 1936


G.K. Chesterton

Is Humanism a Religion?


Christopher Dawson

cd first article 1915

cd 1921 the land

CD 1927 Christianity and the Idea of Progress

CD catholicism and economics 1924

CD 1925 Religion and the Life of Civilization

dawson moral of austria

cd sign of bolshevism

cd editorial note 1940

cd yogi 1945

cd religious liberty and the new political forces

cd religion in the age of revolution

cd new decline and fall

cd religion and romanticism 1936

cd claims of politics

cd future of national government

America and the Secularization of Modern Culture

1959 interview with Christopher Dawson

1961 interview with Christopher Dawson

1964 interview with Dawson, Jacques Maritain, and E. Gilson


Erik Kuehnelt-Leddihn

erik 1934 what I saw in Leningrad

erik 1939 we are all marxists now


Hilaire Belloc

belloc hellish twins


Jacques Maritain

maritain 1934 revolution

maritain integral humanism 1939

maritain 1942 end of machiavellianism

maritain truth human fellowship 1957


Jean Danielou, S.J.

danilou marx sacred history


Paul Elmer More

letters of sherman and pem

pem disraeli and conservatism

PEM Revival of Humanism

pem philosophy of war

pem lust for empire

pem st augustine


Peter Stanlis

stanlis augustinian passion

stanlis idea of progress


Russell Kirk [All Kirk files removed by request of the Kirk family]


T.S. Eliot

tse english tradition

tse tradition and orthodoxy

tse man of letters

tse planning and religion

tse experiment in criticism

tse literature of fascism

tse thoughts

tse lancelot andrewes

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    • Thanks, Mike. Tate was brilliant, and, like so many of his generation, almost completely forgotten. Except for a few of us weirdos!

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