BEYOND TENEBRAE: Forthcoming Book

I’m very excited to announce that I have a forthcoming book (sometime this fall) from Angelico Press.




(initial) table of contents if you’re interested:
PrefaceIntroduction: Beyond Tenebrae; Section I: Conserving Christian Humanism• Humanism: A Primer• Humanism: The Corruption of a Word• The Conservative Mind• Burke and Tocqueville• What to Conserve?• Conserving Humanism
Section II: Personalities and Groups• T.E. Hulme: First Conservative of the Twentieth Century• Irving Babbitt’s Longings• Irving Babbitt and the Buddha• The Christian Humanism of Paul Elmer More• The Order Men• Willa Cather• Canon B.I. Bell• The Conversion of Christopher Dawson• Christopher Dawson and the Liberal Arts• The Gray Eminence of Christopher Dawson• Nicholas Berdyaev’s Unorthodoxy• Theodor Haecker: Man of the West• The Inklings• Two Tolkiens, Not One• Sister Madeleva Wolff• Peacenik Prophet: Russell Kirk• St Russell of Mecosta• Eric Voegelin• Eric Voegelin’s Gnosticism• Eric Voegelin’s Order• Flannery O’Connor• Clyde Kilby• Friedrich Hayek’s Intellectual Lineage• Ray Bradbury at His End• Shirley Jackson’s Haunting• Wendelin E Basgall• Julitta Kuhn Basgall• Ronald Reagan’s Ten Words• The Optimism of Ronald Reagan• Walter Miller’s Augustinian Wasteland• Alexander Solzhenitsyn as Prophet• The Ferocity of Marvin O’Connell• The Good Humor of Ralph McInerny• The Beautiful Mess that is Margaret Atwood; Conclusion: Confusions and Hope

2 Comments on “BEYOND TENEBRAE: Forthcoming Book

  1. What great news! Congratulations! I anticipate this book and being able to read it. Thank you for sharing the table of contents – it gives me an even greater sense of excitement to read your insights into Christian Humanism.

  2. Your triumvirate of Alexander Solzhenitsyn as prophet, Pope John Paul II as priest, and Ronald Reagan as king in the destruction of Communism is excellent and original: I have never found it elsewhere. It is especially striking because these three men fulfill messianic functions as Christians, truly living St. Paul’s words to ordinary Christians that they were “prophets, priests, and kings.” They also represent the three branches of Christianity: Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant. The prophet is the member of the literati, what does this mean?

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