Guardini and Modernity

Modern man is an empty, soulless husk, a shadow of humanity. He looks the part, and he goes through all the motions, but he does nothing of his own volition… “Man himself faces this same question of ‘place.’ Where is the place of man? The question seeks answer not merely as to the place man…

via Romano Guardini’s Diagnosis of the Modern World — The Imaginative Conservative

One Comment on “Guardini and Modernity

  1. Hey Brad – have you ever read Francis Schaeffer? This above quote reminds me of some of his ideas in “How Should We Then Live” and “Whatever Happened to the Human Race,” the latter being against abortion and co-written with Surgeon General C. Everett Coop. Schaeffer comes from a Reformed background, but he seems to share a lot with the Christian Humanists we discussed in your class. I think Dr. Hart at Hillsdale spent time studying under Schaeffer in Switzerland, but I could be wrong on that.

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