Our Present Totalitarianism

rak on ideology as slavery.001

I’m not sure it really matters what we want to label it–democratic despotism, managerial tyranny, soft fascism, a variety of communism–we definitely live in a world that no longer respects basic Natural Rights and true diversity (that is, of the individual human person).

Whatever form of government it is in terms of a label, we live in a society that regulates and controls and watches us from the moment we awake to the moment we fall asleep, from the moment we come into this world until the moment we leave this world.

Group has replaced person, unreason has replaced reason, and power has replaced love.

We have our many, many (some excellent) entertainments–but, ultimately, each serves as a mere distraction from what matters most–our autonomy, our free will, and our growth and maturation.

And, believe it or not, I’m actually in a good mood today.

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