I, Hayekian


Friedrich August von Hayek

I’ve been writing a weekly column for The Imaginative Conservative for almost seven years now. Of the roughly 350 pieces I’ve written, this is among my favorites.
So glad to be able to thank men such as Walter Grinder, Leonard Liggio, David Hart, Chandran Kukathas, David Beito, Peter Boettke, and David Schmidtz, Since 1990, I can also thank Steve Horwitz, Randy Simmons, and Jim Otteson.
I’m not sure if they’ll agree with what I’ve done to our beloved Hayek, but here’s hoping. . .
Through these mentors, I found out rather quickly that Hayek wrote not only about economics, but also about law, constitutionalism, culture, history, individualism, associationalism, psychology, the social sciences, and the Greats of Western Civilization. He was, I realized, a true Renaissance man, in the very best sense of this term. As a history major, though, I tried very hard to apply all that I’d learned of Hayek to my own chosen craft. Sometime around 1992, it hit me that all real history came down to biography. Whether or not the generous mentors listed above or Friedrich Hayek would recognize my statement as true, I must attribute this insight to them and their influence. Indeed, if I have had any success at contributing anything to the fields of history or biography, it is this extremely Hayekian insight.
I, Hayekian.

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