Marriage and That Hideous Strength


C.S. Lewis’s greatest.

Still, as we’ve come—sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly—to realize just how dead marriage is as an institution, we’ve—in our confusion and bewilderment and shock—tried to assign blame, to find a scapegoat.  There is none.  The trouble is not the law, but the will and the attitude and the mores and the norms and the beliefs of all of us.  The failure of marriage is a failure of will and of nerve, a failure of civilization.  Still, we keeping hoping to assign blame.  And, yet, what do we know?  Black people didn’t do it.  Gays didn’t do it.  Jews didn’t do it.  Catholics didn’t do it.  6’5’’ Asian women didn’t do it.  Promethean Engineers didn’t do it.  Jesus didn’t do it.  And, the devil didn’t do it.  We can’t even blame Buddha or Mohammed or Grishna or Osiris or Freya.

To read the whole piece, please go to The Imaginative Conservative.

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