Real Conservatives Don’t Have Time for Bigotry


Reagan’s first autobiography, 1965.

“He believed literally that all men were created equal and that he man’s own ambition determined what happened to him after that.  He put his principles into practice. . . . in the dark depression years when he was trying to earn a buck on the road as a shoe salesman, he checked into a small-town hotel.  ‘Fine,’ said the clerk, reversing the register and reading his name.  ‘You like it here, Mr. Reagan.  We don’t permit a Jew in the place.  My father picked up his suitcase again.  ‘I’m a Catholic,’ he said furiously, ‘and if it’s come to the point where you won’t take Jews, you won’t take me either.’  Since it was the only hotel in town, he spent the night in his car in the snow.  He contracted near-pneumonia and a short time later had the first heart attack of the several that led to his death.”—Ronald Reagan, My Early Life (1965).

As a child, Reagan wasn’t permitted to see BIRTH OF THE NATION because it was “against the colored folks.”

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