My All-Time Favorite Comedies

a shot in the dark

My stomach hurts after watching this movie.  I laugh that much.

A few days ago, I listed–rather spontaneously–my favorite movies of all time. I don’t usually include any form of comedy in a list of great movies, as I think they’re something altogether different as an art form.

Still, here are my favorite comedies/dark comedies, and stupid movies.

In alphabetical order. Frankly, my choices almost certainly reveal my age.

A Short in the Dark
Doctor Strangelove
Ferris Buehller’s Day Off
Galaxy Quest
Grosse Pointe Blank
Mean Girls
Never Been Kissed
Old School
Search for the Holy Grail
Sixteen Candles
Spinal Tap
Tommy Boy
The Wedding Singer

One Comment on “My All-Time Favorite Comedies

  1. An interesting list Dr. B. I would also include the Monty Python flick and Dr. Strangelove on my own list. But I’m fascinated by your inclusion of Gilliam’s BRAZIL. This movie makes my all-time top list for horror movies. I think it’s the most terrifying dystopian movies ever made– the banality, mediocrity, and ubiquity of evil. Thanks for sharing your list.

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