Middle-earth in Newton, Kansas

Just a few days ago, while searching for some rare and hard-to-find Tolkien books, I came across a rather amazing website, The Tolkien Bookshelf.  I was immediately taken with it–not just its content but its very presentation.  If a Tookish Baggins who lived in Rivendell built a website, it would look a bit like this.

After discovering the site and exploring it, I wrote the owner to thank him for such a beautiful site, especially in this whirligig of post modernity.  As it turns out, he lives and runs his bookstore in Newton, Kansas, just about forty miles to the east of where I grew up.

The Tolkien Bookshelf.

The Tolkien Bookshelf.

He graciously sent me these photos (below).  Enjoy.  And, when you can, please support The Tolkien Bookshelf.
Bookroom 005000511a 003000511a 004000511a 005Bookroom 001Bookroom 002

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