Wyndham Lewis to Russell Kirk, 1955

I’d not come across this letter before this afternoon.  I found it in THE LETTERS OF WYNDHAM LEWIS, edited by W.K. Rose, page 563.

“My dear Kirk.  First of all, let me thank you very much for your interesting article in Yale Review.  I was delighted (though what the hell you meant by what I lacked for perfection was . . . !), and secondly, let me say how much I enjoyed your three books, sent me by Regnery.  You’ re the latest, and by no means the least, of that brilliant group of Americans advocating that of all un-American things, the Traditional Spirit.  Your praise of Edmund Burke is very much to my taste.  Your witty prophecy of the immediate future should be enlarged.”–Wyndam Lewis to RAK, August 29, 1955.

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