Bernard Wall: Colosseum Will Not be a Polite Review

“The Colosseum will not be a polite review. We hold that in our time silence would be inexcusable; and our belief in what we intend to say is too sincere for us to sit back and pay scholarly compliments.”

Further, Bernard Wall argued, true Catholic scholars must no longer hide in the monasteries or accept penance in the desert. Instead, they must fight against the “shrieking contradictions of Capitalism, Bolshevism, Yogi, Democracy, Usury, Determinism, Freudianism, Starvation and Advocates of Poison Gas.” 

The human person “has been defaced and is now exploited and commercialized.”

The world of the 1930s, shaped and delimited by the ideologues and their creation of the machine to mechanize man, offered only the false Manichean choice of “the sub-human mediocrity of the bourgeois world” and the false errors of the Bolshevists and Fascists, Wall argued. Because of the errors of the modern world, “crooks and demagogues like Stalin, Göring and Goebbels are enabled to exploit it.”

–Bernard Wall, Colosseum, 1934

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