The Crito (Full Lecture)



One of the greats, to be sure–Socrates in his last moments.

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Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy


Whereas Peter Jackson dumbed down Tolkien, Christopher Nolan made Batman high art.

I can’t let Batman Day pass without some kind of celebration. Here’s my take on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy–the greatest cinematic achievement of the last 20 years.

In crafting his Batman movies, Nolan pulled together his longtime core development team—his wife, Emma, and his brother, Jonathan—but he also turned to his troupe of actors from previous projects, including Christian Bale and Cillian Murphy. Nolan, though a longtime Batman fan, had never been a collector or reader of comic books, and he concluded that he needed an expert in the original comic book Batman. He wisely turned to David Goyer, an Ann Arbor native, and lifelong comic book fan and writer. Goyer not only had written for DC and Marvel (the two main comic book companies and friendly rivals) but also had written some extraordinary film scripts, such as the Gothic noir dystopia, Dark City (1998), arguably one of most imaginative science-fiction films ever made.

A review of Glass Hammer, Chronomonaut (forthcoming, 2018, Sound Resources). Steve Babb: Bass; Fred Schendel; keyboards; Aaron Raulston, drums; Susie Bodanowicz, vocals; and various guests, guitars and vocals. Glass Hammer’s latest album, Chronomonaut, entices and sparks so much… Read More

Calling Forth Our Best: Glass Hammer’s Chronomonaut — Progarchy

The Virtues and PreSocratics (Full Lecture)

HeraclitusOne of my all-time favorite topics.  Never cease to be amazed by these brilliant and glorious pagans.

Clergy Sexual Abuse Crisis in the Church | Diocese of Lansing

Clergy Sexual Abuse Crisis in the Church | Diocese of Lansing
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I love my bishop. A true man of Christ. Predators, you can run, but you can no longer hide. Justice is coming.

Herodotus (Full Lecture)

The first great historian of western civilization; the voice of Greek patriotism.

11 Hebrew Themes and Begin Greeks (Full Lecture)

My thoughts on Jewish contributions to Western Civ, the West and the East defined, and beginning of discussion of the Greeks and patriotism.

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