Order the Freewrite Traveler

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for new ways to write more effectively.  Not am I only under three contracts for three different books (yes, a wonderful problem to have) and thinking about a fourth, but I also write weekly for The Imaginative Conservative and The American Conservative.


The First Astrohaus Product, the Freewrite.  A marvel. Now, a prelude to an even greater thing, the Traveler.

And, when time permits, I review my favorite rock music at Progarchy.  And, yes, like most folks, I have a novel in the works.  We’ll see where that goes!

While writing is my passion, it’s still a lot of writing, to be certain.

My problem–and, yes, I have a problem–is that I let the internet distract me too much.  I’ll be in the middle of writing something, and I immediately want to follow up on idea (any idea that strikes my fancy) through a google search, check my email, or tweet something important or absurd.  Each time I allow myself to move away from my writing, it takes me close to 30 minutes or more to get back into my train of thought.  And, then, of course, every temptation to look elsewhere returns with a vengeance.  It’s a never ending process.

At the moment, my best laptop tool of choice is a program called Freedom–which allows me to shut down the internet (completely) for as long as I want.  I can set it for an hour or more.  It’s a great program.

When I really need just to write, though, I always turn to my Freewrite by Astrohaus.  I’ve reviewed it elsewhere, but, suffice it to state here, it’s a progressively retro and perfectly crafted piece of technology.  A computerized typewriter, if you will, without the social media and other distractions.  When you type something, it is save directly to a Postbox account, available anytime and anywhere, ready for editing and submitting.

Yesterday, Astrohaus announced its followup product, the Freewrite Traveler.  It’s the Freewrite, but with a much better battery life and immense portability.  And, yes, I ordered one.  In fact, I was order #29, and I’m rather proud of that.  Granted, I won’t actually get the Traveler until its official release early next summer, but it will be worth the wait.

If you’re a writer–professionally or academically–this is, simply put, a must own. Just watch the video, and you’ll immediately see how much excellence these guys put into the product–from its design to its effectiveness.  The thing is a thing of beauty, a wonder.

To pre-order it, just use this link.  And, enjoy!

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