Of Course Fascism is Economically Interventionist

Urburschenschaft flag

Urburschenschaft Flag

Today’s New York Times has a fascinating look at an “Alt-right” thinker in Germany.  One thing hit me hard, though.  Here’s the exact quote:

Before the election, I attended an Alternative for Germany rally in Artern, a depressed-looking town not very far from Schnellroda. There, I was struck by how Flügel politicians devoted much of their speeches to a number of economic issues traditionally though of as leftist — low wages, poverty in old age, insufficient social benefits, rhetoric designed to shift the party away from its roots in economic liberalism.
Either the writer of the piece is deluded or intentionally deceptive.  Of course, the writer’s view is bizarre reaction given that Nazi-ism stood for “National SOCIALISM.” The fascists are always economically interventionist. They ALWAYS have been.
They want a country of one community rather than a society of many communities.
As Friedrich Hayek noted in his December 1945 speech in Dublin, socialism and nationalism are not opposites, but twins.

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