Jacksonian America FINAL Study Guide


de Tocqueville, IHS version

Final Study Guide; Birzer the Fearsome

History of the Early American Republic (aka, “Jacksonian America”, H302)

Autumn 2016

I will provide the blue books for the exam.  For each section, I am assuming your knowledge of the books assigned as well as of the lectures given.  You will be graded on knowledge as well as wisdom!

Section 1.  Possible essay questions. 

  • Explain why and how democracy and imperialism intertwined, 1807-1848.
  • Did Republican virtue survive the Second Great Awakening?
  • Compare Tocqueville’s and Calhoun’s criticisms of democracy.
  • In what ways did the emerging culture of letters (fiction and more) shape, delimit, or influence the Early American Republic, 1807-1848?

Section 2.  Definitions.  You will be given six, and you will have to answer four.  In each of the four, be sure to address the how, what, who, where, when, and, most important, why (that is, the significance and context).

Alexis de Tocqueville

Andrew Jackson


Battle of the Alamo

Book of Mormon


Cherokee Nation v. Georgia

Daniel Webster

Democratic Party

Force Bill

Henry Clay

Henry D. Thoreau

Indian Removal Act

Jackson’s Bank Veto

James Fenimore Cooper

James Madison

James Monroe

John C. Calhoun

John Quincy Adams

Joseph Smith

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Manifest Destiny

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Nativism (anti-Catholicism)


Ralph Waldo Emerson

Santa Anna

South Carolina Exposition and Protest

Tariff of Abominations

Texas Revolution

Thomas Jefferson

Trail of Tears Transcendentalism

Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo

War of 1812

Webster-Hayne Debates

Whig Party

Section 3.  Short answers.  Bwa-ha-ha!


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