The Imaginative Conservative is about to start its seventh year of existence. I’m extremely proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish in just a mere six years. Every time I go to a conference (whether ISI or IHS or Liberty Fund), I have folks tell me how much they admire Winston Elliott III, the founder, and Stephen M. Klugewicz, editor.
When Winston and I founded TIC in 2010, we never really imagined it would grow as quickly as it did. Now, there’s a whole non-dogmatic school of thought that centers around the site, its editors, and its writers.

We believe in discussion, not sound bytes, and we absolutely reject any form of ideology: left, right, above, below, next to.

I think I can also state without a lot of ego and bravado that it is one of the one or two best sites anywhere on the Internet in terms of writing and style.

As we approach not only the sixth birthday of TIC but also the Fourth of July, please consider donating to our cause. It is, after all, the cause of Socrates, Cicero, and Washington. It is the cause of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.

To support TIC, please go here:

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