Study Guide: American Heritage Midterm 2

American Heritage Midterm 2 Study Guide; March 29, 2016



Section I: Short Answers (10 total)

Section II: You’ll answer four and only four of six definitions.  The six will come from the following list:

  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. Alexis De Tocqueville
  3. Andrew Jackson
  4. Anti-Imperialist League
  5. Charles Grandison Finney
  6. Democracy
  7. Democratic Party
  8. E. L. Godkin
  9. Edmund Burke
  10. Federalist Papers
  11. Frederick Jackson Turner
  12. George Washington
  13. John C. Calhoun
  14. John L. O’Sullivan
  15. Lorenzo Dow
  16. Manifest Destiny
  17. Northern (pre-civil war) agrarianism (refer to slides I gave you with maps and stats)
  18. Northwest Ordinance
  19. Second Great Awakening
  20. Theodore Roosevelt
  21. U. S. Constitution (including first 15 amendments)

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