Vital Dates for American Slavery

For my Founding of the American Republic students:

1619: Africans sold in Virginia: Forced “indentured servants”

1669: First institutionalized slave code (Carolinas)*

1669-1761: Chattel slavery

1761-1793: Radical #s of manumissions

1793: Eli Whitney’s cotton gin

1793-1863: Chattel slavery radical #s increase

1863: Emancipation Proclamation

1863: 54th and 55th Mass. Regiments

1865: 13th Amendment



*107.  “Since charity obliges us to wish well to the souls of all men, and religion ought to alter nothing in any man’s civil estate or right, it shall be lawful for slaves, as well as others, to enter themselves, and be of what church or profession any of them shall think best, and, therefore, be as fully members as any freeman. But yet no slave shall hereby be exempted from that civil dominion his master hath over him, but be in all things in the same state and condition he was in before.”

110.  “Every freeman of Carolina shall have absolute power and authority over his negro slaves, of what opinion or religion soever.”

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