Yogapants; Or, Why We Should Culturally Appropriate


My favorite Seattle restaurant.

My most recent piece at The Imaginative Conservative.

I was also extremely hungry….

About a block from the hotel, I spied an Asian restaurant, Bahn Thai. I trepidatiously crossed the street and walked up the stairs to the entrance. For some strange reason, I was the only customer. The owner—who spoke almost no English and who was as kind as could be—treated me as royalty, and I still regard this as the most memorable meal I have ever had. I had never eaten anything like it. Excellence resided in every aspect of the meal, but my mouth was especially partial to the melding of various spices in ways I had never imagined.

One Comment on “Yogapants; Or, Why We Should Culturally Appropriate

  1. Thai sticky rice and custard. Best. Dessert. Ever.

    A more potent case for cultural appropriation cannot be made. 😉

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