Musical Memories, Day 2: Mozart’s Great Mass in C Minor


Musical memory day 2.  My great friend, Tobbe Janson, nominated me to offer seven days of musical memories.  On day one, I talked about my love of two songs as a little kid: the theme from the Banana Splits and Snoopy and the Red Baron.

As I’ve mentioned before, I grew up in a house where music always played and albums littered (in a very Germanic, organized fashion!) the walls, the shelves, and the vinyl boxes.  All music was accepted in our house: classical; opera; jazz; rock; prog; pop; and even musicals.  The latter two, admittedly, did the least for me, while I cherished the others.

This memory, however, comes not from the Great Plains of Kansas as a child but from Innsbruck, Austria, as a sophomore in college.  That year (July 1987-July 1988), I spent at the University of Innsbruck with several close friends, including current Facebook friends, Jim…

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