The Reverent Prog of Neal Morse: MorseFest 2014


A review of Neal Morse, MorseFest 2014.  Four CDs/Two DVDs.  Radiant Records, 2015.  

Birzer Rating: 11 out of 10 (yes, you read this correctly!)

And if Neal can find God, then what’s in it for me?

Could I take that same road?

Would the truth set me free?

–Andy Tillison, Mr. Prog, 2015.

MorseFest 2014 MorseFest 2014

I am the proud owner of not one but two Neal Morse, MORSEFEST! 2014 six-disc sets.  It’s prog, after all.  Why not go overboard?  Radiant has kindly sent progarchy all releases in, during, and through our three-year old life as a website.  But, Radiant is just such an amazing label, that I refuse not to support them.  For every CD they send me, I buy one from them.  It only seems just.

Before I even begin this review, I have to state two things which I’ve already noted several times on progarchy.  First, Morse…

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