Holy Schnikees, Chris Farley!

I find it hard to believe that Chris Farley departed this world almost twenty years ago.  I don’t think any one has ever made me laugh as much as Farley did.  Whether or not it was SNL, Tommy Boy, or on the floor of the House of Representatives, Farley never failed to bring out painful, gut-wrenching laughter from me.

After all, who else could have produced such an immortal exclamation as “Holy Schnikees!”

I knew during his life that he was a daily Mass Catholic.  I’d forgotten this, however, and this article reminded me not only of Farley’s brilliance but also of his deep humanity.

Whatever demons afflicted him, he did his best to make the world just a bit better than it deserved.

God bless you, Chris.  RIP.


From the article:

Like when Farley had just moved into a new apartment in New York and asked his ordained friend to come bless it.

Foley was walking around the apartment sprinkling holy water when he turned around and saw Farley following him, his hands folded like an altar server, quietly reciting the Hail Mary and Our Father prayers to himself.

“He was completely serious, but it cracked me up because it was just the two of us there and he looked so funny with his hands folded,” Foley remembered. “But he was dead serious, and there was a tenderness in his face. It was a beautiful thing.”


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