Rush R40 Lincoln


Following in the wake of an epic May snowstorm, high winds, flooding, and tornados, my two oldest kids—Nathaniel (16) and Gretchen (14)—began our nearly eight-hour journey across the Great Plains about 8:45 yesterday morning. We arrived in Lincoln around 5, checked into our hotel room, and I immediately had an hour-long radio interview with two wonderful women out of Denver.

Scrambling as Kronos devoured the minutes, we headed across town in search of our pilgrimage site, The Pinnacle Arena.

We found it, and we were in our seats by 7:10. The show was supposed to start at 7:30, but it ran about 15 minutes late.

A nearly packed arena revealed a far more gender-balanced Rush audience then I’d ever seen before. Almost certainly because of Beyond the Lighted Stage, wives and girlfriends (it was pretty obvious that most of them were newbies) made up a significant part of the crowd…

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Brad! It seems to me that taking our children to a Rush concert is a new “right of passage” and as such, a great legacy to pass along. I wonder what band will be there when our children are looking to share a similar experience with their progeny?

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