Kevin J. Anderson: Well Beyond a Clockwork Imagination


A review of Kevin J. Anderson, CLOCKWORK ANGELS: THE COMIC SCRIPTS (Monument, CO: Wordfire Press, 2014); from a story and lyrics by Neil Peart.

Birzer rating: 10/10.

ca-comic From WordFire Press (December 2014).

Two things need to be stated before I even get into the heart this review. Well, ok, let me put this in active form, before my students yell “foul!” I, Brad, need to state two things before getting into this review.

First, one could write a long and interesting article just about the convoluted and circuitous publishing history of CLOCKWORK ANGELS. And, why not? What a fascinating history. In the beginning, CLOCKWORK ANGELS was an album by Rush (remember, though, the first two songs came out almost two full years before the album itself).

Then, it was a best-selling novel by Kevin J. Anderson and Neil Peart.

Then, it was a huge worldwide rock concert tour, a live…

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