Not Otherwise Specified: In Search of Personal


Craig Kerley Craig Kerley

Not Otherwise Specified started as a one-man project back in December 2008, led by multi-instrumentalist Craig Kerley. During the period of six years, Kerley released two studio albums: “Judgement” (2011) and “Projective Instruments” (2014). Not so long ago, Not Otherwise Specified switched to a full band, with tendency of performing live. About this and more than that, we talked with Kerley.

Do you have a specific approach when you work on a song?

I like to think of my approach to songwriting as a disorganized trial and error method. It’s kind of an out of body experience where I sort out ideas that suck from the ones that I like. I generally start out by jamming on one instrument or another and then taking pieces of that jam to create some structure. Basically, I just keep messing around with the songs until they…

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