Neonfly – Strangers In Paradise – Album Review

neonfly cover

Artist: Neonfly

Album Title: Strangers In Paradise

Label: Inner Wound Records

Year Of Release: 2014

Neonfly are a band that have not been on the scene for too long and yet have already managed to make quite a few waves within the burgeoning UK hard rock/heavy metal scene. Debut album ‘Outshine The Sun’ drew critical acclaim but it has been their live performances to date that have garnered the most praise. Sharing the stage with an impressive array of high-profile talent including the likes of Alice Cooper, H.E.A.T, Sonata Arctica and Pagan’s Mind, their energy and enthusiasm is seemingly what attracts the plaudits wherever they go.

Happily, this energy and enthusiasm translates onto disc and so sophomore album, ‘Strangers In Paradise’ is, I can report, a very strong and enjoyable record.

Neonfly have clearly put a lot of effort into this album over the past three years and ‘Strangers In…

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