Neil Thinking About Publishing Another Collection of Essays

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We might be seeing another collection of essays along the lines of Far and Away, whch came out in 2011, from Neil. In his latest blog post, in which he ponders the two opposing sides of his personality, he says the time seems right to collect his latest essays into a book.

“I’m thinking it’s time to publish another collection of stories. . . . Maybe Far and Near: On Days Like These. The cover image in my mind is [the] North Yorkshire one [used in his 2014 Bubba calendar], so that NP_Calendar2014Coverwould work. (One thing I loved right away about the title “On Days Like These” is that it works for every image, and every day!) Then a variety of scenic photos on the back, as in Far and Away, to suggest the extent of the settings within. I would like to collect one more story, maybe…

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