Schedule: First Week of Classes

Date: August 25, 2013

Dear Students,

With apologies, I will be out of town today (August 25) through Friday (August 30) afternoon. I’m traveling on college business, just in case you thought I might be AWOL. So. . . .

If you’re taking me for H104 (Heritage), you will still be meeting on Wednesday, August 28 (Feast of St. Augustine) in the assigned classroom. My wife, Dr. Dedra Birzer, will hand out the books and the syllabus. And, she’ll smile and say brilliant things.

If you’re taking me for H495, Christian Humanism, we’ll meet for the very first time, Monday, September 2, normal time, normal place. Please have finished CANTICLE FOR LEIBOWITZ by our first class meeting.

Should you need anything immediately, the ubercool Delp Hall Tzarina, Denise Nivison, can get a hold of me.

Thanks and God bless,
Brad Birzer

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