The Hugo! Kevin J. Anderson’s Nomination

9781849836777_hrI’m very happy to note that science-fiction master, Kevin J. Anderson, has been nominated for a Hugo, the most prestigious award presented in the genre.  I’m certain no one deserves it more.  Indeed, the book that earned the nomination, The Dark Between the Stars, is one of the finest books I’ve ever read.

Here’s Kevin’s blog:

I’m incredibly proud of Kevin.


John Russell

elizabeth hamilton

Once, I had a car named John Russell.

An odd name for a car, you might say, and many people did. But if you’re going to name a car, you might as well name him something special, and John Russell deserved a special name.

He was a college graduation gift from my parents, a dusty gold Ford Escape, used, but complete with everything a 20-something-year-old could want: sunroof, CD player, and cargo trunk, ready for road trips, ready for adventures.

And we had some adventures.

We drove halfway across the country and back. We drove up and down the West coast. We drove in the mountains. We drove in the desert. We drove in the snow. And we drove in the rain.

I gave John Russell his name on our inaugural adventure.

I’d just graduated from college and was driving from Texas to California for my first job as a…

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MorseFest 2015


5f7dcbea-fb99-4643-b469-b3c09d77c48bJoin Neal in his home town for this two-day music festival!

Long time collaborators Mike Portnoy and Randy George, as well as Neal Morse Band anchors, Bill Hubauer and Eric Gillette, will join Neal as this group of master musicians perform

Neal’s world renowned albums ? (Question Mark) and  Sola Scriptura

This weekend will be filled with Special Guests, Exclusive VIP Packages, a FREE Inner Circle only performance, Pre-show dinners, and much more!

We also invite you to be our guests for a worship and baptismal service with Neal and friends on Sunday, Sept 6.

This music event WILL SELL OUT, so make your travel plans to Cross Plains, TN now!

Inner Circle ONLY Pre-Sale

Concert and VIP Tickets will be available exclusively to Inner Circle members on Wednesday, April 8th.

Concert and VIP tickets on sale to general public, Friday, April 10th!    

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Kevin J. Anderson Hugo Nomination!


kja darkScience-fiction master, Neil Peart friend, and prog-rock lyricist (Roswell Six) Kevin J. Anderson just found out this morning that he’s been nominated for a Hugo Award–the single highest award in science fiction–for his novel, The Dark Between the Stars.

The nomination: for best science fiction novel of the year!

Excellent, Kevin!  Absolutely excellent.  Every progarchist sends her or his good thoughts your way.  Whoo-hoo!

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The Beauty of Love; The Goodness of The Good One


Though EVERY day is a good day to listen to GLASS HAMMER, today, Christians, who also love beautiful and meaningful Prog, can draw from the well of GLASS HAMMER’s past catalog and listen meditatively to ‘Centurion.’

Good music indeed for GOOD FRIDAY (Soli Deo Gloria)

Mellotron set to 11

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