Russell Kirk Against Conscription 1945

Near Dugway, Utah.

Near the entrance to Dugway testing grounds.. Kirk was stationed here, 1942-1946.

One of Russell Kirk’s earliest articles, an examination (and attack on) of conscription.  Source: South Atlantic Quarterly 44 (1945): 82-99.

rak conscript on education 1945

University Bookman Summer 1979

IMG_0003As I’m finishing (well, getting close to finishing) the main draft of my biography of Russell Kirk, I’ve had the chance and privilege to explore Kirk’s magazine, University Bookman.  Kirk founded it in 1960 and edited it until his death in the spring of 1994.  It’s a treasure trove.  In this issue, critical academic and literary figures Jerry Pournelle, Anthony Kerrigan, and W.T. Couch contribute.  My friend, Gerald Russello, now holds the prestigious position of editor.


ub summer 1979

Skyberia (1952) by Russell Kirk

Short story, but not a ghost story.

Source: “Skyberia,” Queen’s Quarterly 59 (Summer 1952): 180-191.

skyberia 1952

America, I love you–Russell Kirk (1949)

This is Russell Kirk’s first published short story–“America, I Love You.”  It appeared in QUERN (1949), pp. 7-11.  Autobiographical, and very depressing cultural criticism of the America of that day.

rak america i love you 1949

Uncle Isaiah by Russell Kirk (1951)

My favorite Kirk short story, Uncle Isaiah.  Originally in London Mystery Magazine (August-September 1951).  Enjoy.

uncle isaiah original

Remember, it’s 1951, so some of the ethnic stereotyping was par for the time.

Russell Kirk’s “Behind the Stumps.”

rak behind the stumps


A number of friends (including Carl Oberg) have asked about Kirk’s horror/ghost stories. Here’s the one John J. Miller says is best. Enjoy. Russell Kirk, “Behind the Stumps.”

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