Not Otherwise Specified: In Search of Personal


Craig Kerley Craig Kerley

Not Otherwise Specified started as a one-man project back in December 2008, led by multi-instrumentalist Craig Kerley. During the period of six years, Kerley released two studio albums: “Judgement” (2011) and “Projective Instruments” (2014). Not so long ago, Not Otherwise Specified switched to a full band, with tendency of performing live. About this and more than that, we talked with Kerley.

Do you have a specific approach when you work on a song?

I like to think of my approach to songwriting as a disorganized trial and error method. It’s kind of an out of body experience where I sort out ideas that suck from the ones that I like. I generally start out by jamming on one instrument or another and then taking pieces of that jam to create some structure. Basically, I just keep messing around with the songs until they…

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Glass Hammer at Rosfest 2015


Great news this morning from Steve Babb and co.

My copy of Lex Rex, signed by Steve Babb. My copy of Lex Rex, signed by Steve Babb.

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Neonfly – Strangers In Paradise – Album Review

neonfly cover

Artist: Neonfly

Album Title: Strangers In Paradise

Label: Inner Wound Records

Year Of Release: 2014

Neonfly are a band that have not been on the scene for too long and yet have already managed to make quite a few waves within the burgeoning UK hard rock/heavy metal scene. Debut album ‘Outshine The Sun’ drew critical acclaim but it has been their live performances to date that have garnered the most praise. Sharing the stage with an impressive array of high-profile talent including the likes of Alice Cooper, H.E.A.T, Sonata Arctica and Pagan’s Mind, their energy and enthusiasm is seemingly what attracts the plaudits wherever they go.

Happily, this energy and enthusiasm translates onto disc and so sophomore album, ‘Strangers In Paradise’ is, I can report, a very strong and enjoyable record.

Neonfly have clearly put a lot of effort into this album over the past three years and ‘Strangers In…

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Matt Stevens News


Matt, second from the left. Matt, second from the left.


How is it November already? Here is the news:

This is a previously unreleased track from the Ghost album sessions. It’s called Blue Filter, I played it live a lot around the time when the album came out..

Available to download for the next week then it’ll be deleted 🙂 Buying music like this allows me to keep on making music.

New video – playing Big Sky for Auden Guitars

I’m selling some of the my gear on Ebay. The Kaossilator I used on the song Lake Man on the Ghost album and delay pedal from the Stabbing A Dead Horse tour.

Other than that it’s heads down writing and recording new material for new projects/Fierce And The Dead and the next solo record. One gig coming up in Milton Keynes in on the 31st January with Solstice.

Thanks for all…

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Review: Lunatic Soul, Walking on a Flashlight Beam


Review of Lunatic Soul, Walking on a Flashlight Beam (Kscope, 2014).

Birzer Rating: (6/10)

WOAFB-coverLet me begin by offering my Mariusz Dudas streetcred. I love Duda’s voice as well as his compositional skills. He possesses a profound sense of flow, allowing his music to move seamlessly from emotion to sentiment to feeling and back again. His voice is the kind that pulls one in, calling for full immersion. I’ve also always appreciated his lyricism, especially given that he’s not a native English speaker. He always seems to know the perfect lyric for the music and the perfect music for the lyric.

For a decade, I’ve been following his work. For a while, I thought I saw a continuity in all of his work: First Three Riverside Albums—Lunatic Soul—ADHD—Lunatic Soul.  Lunatic Soul, beautiful and gorgeous in its own way, seemed the perfect interlude to accompany the drama of Riverside. For better or worse…

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Flying Colors – “Second Nature” – Rock Brilliance



Flying Colors’ sophomore release, Second Nature, may very well be the best album of 2014. If it weren’t for Big Big Train’s English Electric, I would say this may be the best album of the past ten years. It is that good. Seeing the band live only confirmed this suspicion for me. Many times, so-called “supergroups” don’t turn out to be so super. While the idea of putting some of the best musicians in the world in the same band sounds like a recipe for success, the results are often the opposite. I find it easy to believe that egos could often get in the way of making fine music. Not so with Flying Colors. This band combines some of the greatest musicians in the world, and they fit together as band members perfectly. In fact, for several of them, this band may be some of their best work. With Second…

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Big Big Train Go Live


BBT live

You may have heard the news already. . . in fact, I’m guessing almost no one in the prog world has NOT heard the news. . . . but tickets for Big Big Train live, King’s Place, August 14-15, 2015, have gone on sale.  To purchase your tickets, go here:

As most of you probably know, started, in very large part, as an unofficial fan site for BBT, so we’re especially proud of the band and their desire to explore their music in a live setting.

[My own desire was for them to come to the U.S., but I’m happy to have them play live anywhere.  I worry a bit that I might have played a role in their deciding to play in the U.K. rather than the U.S.  Several years ago, I made Greg Spawton promise that if they played live in the U.S., they would…

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