Kevin and Rachel McCormick, “What Child is This?”

4 minutes and 36 seconds of pure beauty.

Russell Kirk, “The Moral Conservatism of Hawthorne,” 1952.

Source: Russell Kirk, “The Moral Conservatism of Hawthorne,” CONTEMPORARY REVIEW 182 (1952): 361-366.

rak hawthorne 1952

Russell Kirk, “The Conservative Mind of Newman,” 1952

Source: Russell Kirk, “The Conservative Mind of Newman,” SEWANEE REVIEW 60 (1952): 659-676.

With apologies–the binding was so tight on the volume, that I had a really hard time photocopying this.  Hence, the distorted left-handed pages.  Still, very readable.

rak newman 1953

Russell Kirk, “Hung with Spanish Leather,” 1950

Source: Russell Kirk, “Hung With Spanish Leather,” PRARIE SCHOONER 24 (1950): 308-314.

rak spanish leather 1950

Russell Kirk, “Beyond the Dreams of Avarice,” 1950

A definitive young Russell Kirk piece, “Beyond the Dreams of Avarice,” MEASURE 2 (December 1950): 17-33.

Note, the article appears immediately after a T.S. Eliot article.  This is probably the cause of Kirk changing his mind on Eliot.  In 1949, he still considered the poet a “fraud.”  By 1951, Kirk considered him one of the greatest living thinkers.  Two years later, in 1953, the two would meet in person and become close friends and allies.

Also note, the final piece, a short story by Stefan Andres, “We are God’s Utopia.”  It would be impossible to exaggerate the influence of this piece on the young Kirk.

rak beyond dreams 1950

Jean Danielou, “Marxist History and Sacred History,” 1951.

A fascinating 1951 article on Christian and ideological historical philosophies.

Source:  Jean Danielou, S.J., “Marxist History and Sacred History,” THE REVIEW OF POLITICS (October 1951): 503-513.

danilou marx sacred history

Maritain, “Truth and Human Fellowship,” (3 parts, 1957-1958)

Another Maritain, a three-parter from Peter Stanlis’s journal, NEWMAN REVIEW.  Source: Jacques Maritain, “Truth and Human Fellowship,” NEWMAN REVIEW 9-10 (1957-1958).

maritain truth human fellowship 1957

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