I, Hayekian

I’ve been writing a weekly column for The Imaginative Conservative for almost seven years now. Of the roughly 350 pieces I’ve written, this is among my favorites.   So glad to be able to thank men such as… Read More

Reconstruction (Full Lecture)


Dare We Hope? Deleting the State.

Happy birthday to my wonderful friend and ally in this crazy world, Aeon Skoble.  Here is my review of his 2008 book, a book I want very much to be true, whatever skepticisms linger (about the idea, not… Read More

Study Guide: Midterm 2, American Heritage

Midterm Examination 2 Study Guide, Birzer, American HeritageFriday, March 24, 2017; Format: 1 50-minute essay Please note 1) you may study in groups of any size prior to the exam; and 2) I will provide the blue books… Read More

Why Soldiers Fought in the Civil War (Full Lecture)

The Gettysburg Address (Full Lecture)


Forthcoming Soon: Liberty and the Golden Age of Science Fiction

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