On the Eve of 30 Years: THE JOSHUA TREE

Thirty years ago this month and next, U2, Brian Eno, and Daniel Lanois were putting the finishing touches on what is arguably one of the greatest rock albums ever written, THE JOSHUA TREE.  That “the album wears well,”… Read More

Jacksonian America FINAL Study Guide

Final Study Guide; Birzer the Fearsome History of the Early American Republic (aka, “Jacksonian America”, H302) Autumn 2016 I will provide the blue books for the exam.  For each section, I am assuming your knowledge of the books… Read More

The Counter Reformation (FULL LECTURE)

Ok, getting toward the end of the semester. For your pleasure (or pain), here is the third from last lecture, The Counter Reformation–a part of our drive-by Western Heritage tour! We’re back to a *good* pope, Paul III…. Read More

The Counter Reformation

Response in the Western Latin (now what one would call “Roman Catholic”) Church: Significant revival in mysticism (what we would call charismatic today) and piety (following Erasmus’s notions: WWJD?); for the average person Clean up of corruption within… Read More

The Men of the Reformation

Proto-Reformers: St. Francis, St. Dominic, Jan Hus (ca. 1372-1415), John Wyclif (ca. 1325-1384)   Desiderius Erasmus (ca. 1466-1536); internal reformer Professional tutor–liberal arts, language and rhetoric, manners stunned by corruption within the church–wanted to reform it from the… Read More

Understanding St. Peter’s Betrayal

Again, from Arnold Lunn, NOW I SEE (1945): St. Mark is supposed to have written at St. Peter’s dictation.  He tells the story of the denial without wasting a word.  The chapter ends with a verse as simple… Read More

Catholicism within Western Civilization

From Arnold Lunn’s autobiography, NOW I SEE (1945): Many forces have combined to produce the modern world.  Palestine, Rome, Greece, and Communist Russia have all helped to form that strange complex which, in our more sanguine moods, we… Read More