My Conversation with President Mohler

Last week, I had the great privilege of speaking with President Albert Mohler (Southern Baptist Theological Seminar) about conservatism, Russell Kirk, politics, culture, and religion.  One of the best interviews I’ve ever had.  Thank you so much, Dr…. Read More

The Bearable Lightness of the Middle Ages (Full Lecture)

From crazy atheists to equally crazy fundamentalists, many have proclaimed the Medieval period as “dark and superstitious.”  They are either ignorant or evil (or, maybe both).  This lecture, viewed through the lens of Romano Guardini’s thought on unity,… Read More

The Distinctiveness of Medieval Culture (Full Lecture)

What makes the Medieval unlike the classical or modern worlds.

BookTV Interview: Birzer on Russell Kirk (Full Video)

Intro to the Medieval World (Full Lecture)

Still booking through western civilization–but on schedule, amazingly enough.  Here is the first lecture on the Medieval period.  Or, perhaps more accurately, why you should never call the Middle Ages, “dark.”  Here’s hoping you agree.  

BookTV at Hillsdale: Russell Kirk

I had a great time on BookTV (or, as my kids call it: Reading Rainbow for Adults).  This was recorded at Hillsdale College, September 5, 2016.  The makeup person even trimmed my insanely academic and mad-scientist like eyebrows…. Read More

St. Augustine’s CITY OF GOD (Full Lecture)